Warriors, One and All

The Lord is a Warrior; the Lord is His Name. 

1. Fight for what is right. Political elections and debates are not the destiny changers we often would like to think they are. Neither are they the route to the dynasty God has in store for you. Finding your passions fulfilled by all the promises of God in Christ Jesus is right. He has, and does, lead the way to what is right. The battles are for those who have the Warrior nature of our Lord. That can be, and should be, One and All.

2. Be strong. Now to fight the fight of right, we need to be in full armor, strong. Strong in the Lord first of all with all the possible armor His love, grace and mercy provide. Ephesians 6:10-20 is a great instruction in this. That begins, “Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God,so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.”

3. Be courageous. Aligning ourselves with the elements of armor above in #2, powered by the Holy Spirit, leads to confidence and courage. Confident in Christ to empower and Courage as a Warrior with the Warrior of all times. I mean, really, who do you want to be with you when embattled? Doesn’t the Lord, the Warrior, give you great courage?

4. Be right. Being right means, again, being aligned with the Warrior, the Lord is His Name. In alignment with Him, our assignment will be revealed with clarity, precision, power and righteousness. Warriors, One and All, meaning we are in a team, with our assignment clear; our purpose unified, our unity in the bond of peace. That is right.

Be the Warrior that is reflected by the Lord. Exodus 15:3

In this kairos of seeming diminishing power of purpose and execution in our world, it is more than a little refreshing to find those who do not shrink back from the battle.

Let’s all embrace the portion of the wholeness of the Lord in His Name of Warrior, and be about His business and battle.

What are some ways we can execute as Warriors, One and All? Let me know your thoughts, experiences and plans!

Blessings, JD Smith