I’ve been working through some web site, social media, blogging and speaking issues lately. During these processes, 7 DESIGNS keep arising. Maybe these will aid you, too, as you either assess and adjust a current project, church, ministry or job. Even more important if you’re looking to start fresh or something new.

These are basics of the most important D.E.S.I.G.N.S, you! As much as I want to keep moving forward, understanding my DESIGNS is first necessary. Then I can apply them to those around me on our team or form a team better (or a better team).


1. Desire. Really, do I have the desire for what is front of me, or in my situation? What motivates me towards any particular goal. Passionate expression comes from deep within us, our desire.

2. Experience. The good, bad, pretty and ugly experiences of our past groom us for today and for what is yet to come. Take stock of all that. Learn from, even celebrate those experiences. Now apply them with new perspectives.

3. Spiritual Gift. Many find that their life of faith has helped mold them for where they are, and are headed. In that depth of perspective, most find they have special gifts that rise to the occasion. Search out yours, and make the appropriate analysis and application.

4. Individuality. What is your style? How are you most comfortable? Everyone isn’t a public speaker, salesman, writer, artsy inclined, etc. What are the ways you work most comfortably in your sphere and highlight that as a strength. We might all need to work on some weak points as well. Yet, do not reject or neglect your strengths.

5. Maturation. Am I growing in the processes of wisdom? Where am I on a legitimate curve in our endeavors? Time on the job doesn’t always equate to maturity. An example is that many go to church for years, yet are not truly involved beyond just showing up. Knowledge applied is wisdom.

6. Natural Abilities. There are many ways to explain this I suppose. I like several sports, I’m certainly not a professional at any of them. My son, Caleb, loves to design and build things with LEGO blocks. He gets great joy from that. What gives us joy when we are engaged in it may be a great way to analyze something that we are naturally good at. Be joyful in the application of your talents.

7. Strategic Realignment. Basics 1-6 may cause us to understand we need to realign. Be strategic in that. Don’t “throw out the baby with the bath water”. Assess clearly where you are. Catch a glimpse of a preferred future. Plan accordingly for implementing steps towards that future.

All these 7 Basics really comprise this truth. We are all pieces of the puzzle. It takes time to build that puzzle. Often, others aren’t in place yet, so our place for our piece isn’t yet clear. But when it does become clear, and all is in place; VOILA! Now the puzzle is complete.

What situations are you in or want to be in that DESIGNS has been or could be important?

If we can encourage you in any of these areas, just contact us!  Blessings! JD Smith