Philippians 2:3 “Do nothing out of conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves.”
I’m doing a Reblog from our CitiIMPACT Missions today com as it tied in perfectly to a few things I was going to write today in general.
Over the years we’ve been involved in missions and ministry, we have often seen that “a whole lot of nothing” often stands in the way of “a whole lot of something”.
Many non-Christians have to witness in-fighting between territorial missions and churches, even disaster response groups, that don’t reflect a lot of love or unity.
Truly, the Great “I AM” clearly wanted us to all be the “WE ARE” in Him. John 17 in the Holy Bible is clear on this.
Undeniably so much of how the non-Christian world operates and thinks has far too long invaded the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ, His Church, His Kingdom. It’s important to remember that He is the head of The Church.

How now then shall we live? How now then DO we live?

Let’s press on to the high mark of His calling and allow the Great I AM to lead us into being the WE ARE that He intends. I’m quite sure we’ll see more fruit that remains in all categories of life when together we reach for and share the fruit together. UBUNTU!

Blessings to you! JD Smith

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6 thoughts on ““UBUNTU”

  1. sp correction. Toni! I knew better … Sorry !!!! But let me add that for all you guys do for the world, and thus for the Kingdom, may you and all involved walk in Ps. 91 all the days of your lives. Both you AND YOURS. (I was told to speak that over you) Thanks again, and Blessings! Lisa

  2. Trust also in Him
    Ps. 37:5
    The word trust is the heart word of faith. The word given to the early and infant stage of faith. The word faith expresses more the act of the will, the word belief the act of the mind/intellect; but trust is the language of the heart. The other has reference more to a truth believed, or a thing expected.
    Truth implies more than this, it sees and feels, and leans upon a person, a great, true, living heart of love. So let us “trust also in Him,” through all the delays, in spite of all the difficulties, in the face of all the denials, not withstanding all the seemings, even when we cannot understand the way, and know not the issue; still “trust also in Him, and He’ll bring it to pass.” The way will open, the right issue will come, the end will be peace, the cloud will be lifted, and the light of eternal noonday shall shine at last!!
    Together with you in the Kingdom Business.
    Sister Kay

    PS. Thanks JD for sharing and abundant blessings in your ministry

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