5 Sure CHANGE Steps

School has started again in much of the USA & other parts of the world. That sure brings CHANGE. Today though, I’m sharing about CHANGE that is more impacting.

Inevitable, Embrace, Exasperating, Endure, Engineer, Equip, Excel

In our home CHANGE has from time to time been a little more drastic, whether chosen by us, or imposed upon us. How about you?

When we can make a CHANGE or sense a CHANGE in direction, life, occupation, ministry or mission; there are many ways we can vet that process for decisions. Here are 5 we use frequently.

1. Prayer. I’ve found far too often that it seems easier to do a lot of planning and programming, then pray it all works. That is opposed to praying first for divine guidance in my thoughts and heart for decisions concerning CHANGE. Move towards prayer first!

2.The Church. In lives involved more overtly in vocational ministry or missions, it’s pretty easy to see or say how the Church has an impact on decisions. Allowing ourselves to be submitted to those in authority over us is more intense than just speaking it when CHANGE is needed or desired. Those who are not so-called vocational ministers should also be able to find sound counsel in Church for CHANGE.

3.The Holy Bible. God does speak still today through His Holy Bible. The Bible is chocked full of great examples of men, women and even children making decisions towards CHANGE. We may not find the exact example we face, but we can sure read how leaders, and followers, made decisions for CHANGE. Jeremiah 33:3. “Call to me and I will answer you..”

4.The Holy Spirit. God has given us a great gift of the Holy Spirit who when allowed will guide us into the next right step. He will also help us avoid the next wrong step. Both of these potential steps are critical when we are in the processes of CHANGE.

5. Circumstances.Come on, let’s face the facts. Our humanity is often much moved in CHANGE through circumstances. We have a brain that is given to us to discern and make good decisions. Recognizing the signs around us called circumstances is not to be missed when making decisions for CHANGE.

You are NOT Alone.

Well, there you go, a first piece for you of how to outline your next decision for CHANGE. Next week, I’ll add in some more particular steps for us all.

Oh, by the way, YOU are NOT the only person or family in the world going into CHANGE. You’re probably not the only one on your block. Take some solace in that we are all in this together!

What decisions have you made or need to make where some of these elements have helped to guide you? How can I pray for you about the CHANGE you are trying to sort out right now?

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