2 Who are Putting Hearts Out There

Two recent stories caught my attention of people putting their hearts out there. They both gave me, JD, some inspiration to throw it out there again!

1. Lolo Jones of the 2012 Olympic Games, “When you put your heart out there, obviously, it opens you up to a lot of negativity. At the same time, if I can just maybe reach somebody out there…I hope my story can give somebody hope. There are lessons to be learned in winning and in losing.” 

She was commenting on negativity in press towards her. She worked 6 days a week for 4 years for 12 seconds of a race.
Who can I open up to today to maybe, just maybe, reach for a better future?
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2. Shaun King of HOPE MOB, “Every now and then I have to lay it all on the line and pour my heart out.  This is one of those times.  For the next few days I am perfectly willing to make a complete fool of myself begging and pleading for your help.  What we have means that much to me and hope it will mean that much to you.”
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 In all of our lives we’ll find moments, if not years, of turmoil, strife, hardship, misunderstandings and worse sometimes.
In all these we have the great opportunity to press on with hard work, make courageous decisions and when necessary move up or on.
These 2 stories alone show us there is a pathway to renewal through faith and hope that inspires us. We can inspire others, too!
What are some instances you have been inspired? What are ways you can inspire others?
Blessings, JD