Gold Medal Values

There are some pretty valuable pieces of hardware being given out at the 2012 Olympics this summer. Surely, those of only Michael Phelps and Missy Franklin are high dollar value!

The composite of the this year’s Summer Olympic gold medal is 92.5 percent silver and 1.34 percent gold, with the rest copper. Their actual cash value for the materials is about $620.82 according to Lear Capital. And that isn’t the most valuable they’ve ever been just for their composite materials! Of course, if an Olympic medal is ever sold or auctioned, they can fetch far more than the value of their component metals. That’s because they have extrinsic value. And for some athletes, that extrinsic value translates into actual hard cash when they win. Many will receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in bonuses for winning for their countries a Gold Medal. Others will receive untold amounts in endorsement fees, etc., as referenced in this BBC article.

We all have valuable pieces of our lives that lead to sustainability, progress and multiplication. We’ll call those Core Values. They are Gold Medals of our lives as we live by them. Their intrinsic and actual values grow over time. Some would offer that they are far more valuable than precious metals.

Knowing What and Who you stand for, your Core Values, keeps you guided, on track, as well as guard you from any attack to distract you.

A way to do that is to write it down and truly review it from time to time.

Another way to instill those Core Values deeply is to share them with others.

We’ve all heard it said that if you don’t stand for something that you’ll fall for anything.

Here are some values important to how we operate our missions, ministries and life.

1. Praying in faith believing the Lord answers
2. Acknowledging Scripture as infallible
3. Caring for one another
4. Loving others unconditionally
5. Respecting the worth of every person
6. Serving others in honor of the Lord, expecting nothing in return
7. Striving for excellence in everything to bring the Lord glory
8. Living and serving above reproach
9. Advocating for and responding to those in need, practically and spiritually
10. Unifying in inter-denominational, multi-ethnic, multi-generational, across socio-economic & other divisional partitions; real and perceived
11. Assisting and serving local church congregations, businesses, civic groups, schools and others groups since they are the most able to lead their communities
12. Building collaborations that do more together than separately
13. Engendering evangelism, expanding discipleship, multiplying Christians by building confidence for people in their destiny with the Lord
14. Praising the Lord for His mighty exploits He does through the hands of people

Although we’ll not be able to reach a perfect score or perfection, we surely strive to achieve our Goals, our Core Values.

What are the Core Values of your life? How have they guided and guarded you?

Blessings. JD

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