4 Keys to 11 Years.

Cute picture makes moving look fun. HA!

11 Years ago today, August 2, 2001, we finished loading up the U-Haul truck in Charleston, West Virginia (from our house we could see the WV state capitol building) as my little family moved to the Charlotte, North Carolina area.

My wife and 9 month old baby boy drove on ahead of me that day. The next day, August 3rd, I drove the U-Haul down to meet them where new friends met us to help unload. Tomorrow, August 3, 2012, we have a little celebration lunch in honor of how the Lord has not only sustained us thus far, but on all the miraculous ways He has thousands GOING, too!

Surely there have been many times to remember why we went that help us not be fatigued or shattered in the processes of life. We went because we vetted out various ways we heard the Lord say, “GO!” Just over a month after we moved, the horrors of 911 occurred reshaping millions. if not all, of American lives.

West Virginia State Capitol

Charlotte Motor Speedway

Like many people before us, we were pretty sure we knew what “GO!” meant. It probably meant at least something of what we thought, yet, it surely has meant a whole lot more. I’m not sure we ever have seen exactly what we thought it meant, though, as that is probably still a work in progress. One thing of many we have witnessed as we did our “GO!” is how literally thousands are “GOING!”, “GONE”, or will “GO!” with us!

This week, our CitiIMPACT Missions ministry released a summary of the 2012 Summer Missions thus far. Few of those involved in 2012 were even in our spheres of influence in 2001. Back in West Virginia where we first started, we were handing off missions ministries to inner-city families and a church plant to local folks and churches in 2001. Later this year, we’ll continue to “GO!” as we take another step in Liberia for starting schools, churches and rescuing families with their children.

4 Keys we’ve learned, each category of which could be its own book if expounded.

1. DON’T presume you know all of the story the Lord has unfolding in your life. He’ll likely as not show you just what you need to know while giving you enough faith to step out and “GO!”. After all, if we knew everything ahead of time, is there any faith in that?

2. DO know that the Lord is always with you, as He tells you to “GO!”

3. DON’T be surprised or alarmed when your best laid plans go wrong. It’s no shock to Him, and He has a better plan anyway.

4. DO remember that you’re going to serve at the will and pleasure of the Lord. This isn’t about us at all. It’s all about Him and His getting more souls rescued.

American, and other nations, athletes get up and get going to train, with persistence, for the Olympics. I hope you’ve experience many of their great stories as they have moved past often being SHATTERED to victorious celebrations. Our family sure has! Like them, we all need to get GOING sometimes. Focus on hearing the “GO!” from the Lord first and foremost!

Experience has taught us many things, as it does all of us, so we know that when we GO with God, we’ll experience more than we know how to think or ask! 

When has the Lord told you to “GO!” and how did you see Him work in your life?

Blessings! JD Smith

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