2 Questions Get GO out of GrOan

Once in a while I see something that is simple, yet, probes the depths of who we are and gets the GO out front of our GrOan.

Asking the right questions is crucial for leaders. Many times the questions you are asking are way more important than the answers or solutions you are giving.

I read the following from a post by Brad Lomenick. It’s seriously good enough stuff to get the process rolling. and fits in quite nicely with EVERY conversation I’ve had with leaders, wanna-be and supposed-to-be leaders in the last few ..uh…forever. HA! Some days that’s me, too.

“I was reminded of two crucial questions for leaders when recently reading an article by Alan Webber, co-founder of Fast Company. Alan talks at length about these 2 questions in his book Rules of Thumb. These are crucial questions for leaders to answer, both for themselves as well as the organizations they lead.

1. What keeps you up at night? This one is a familiar question for most leaders. What makes you cry? What makes you mad? What are the things that nag at you? This question has to do with what you are passionate about. What are the problems in the world you want to help solve? Usually the things that keep us up can be incredibly frustrating to us until we get them solved.

2. What gets you up in the morning? This one is less familiar to most of us, but probably even more important. What keeps you and your team committed? Engaged and excited? This question has more to do with purpose. Do you look forward to jumping in to the career or current job you have on a daily basis? Especially as things get tougher and more demanding than ever, we need to make sure we are laser focused and determined and locked in on what motivates and drives us.”

In all sincerity, spend enough time thinking, praying & getting wise counsel on these two questions. Jeremiah 33:3 is one place where God says to us that He’ll answer when we cry out, with things we do not even know could be answers. This whole concept of hearing God clearly was well expounded years ago by Henry  Blackaby in his book, “Experiencing God“.

What ARE your answers as you GO more than GrOan?

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