3 Ways You’re Heard

Vision Christian Center Church of Bourg, Louisiana  20 Year Anniversary, under the leadership of Pastors Kim & Vanessa Voisin, was celebrated July 7-8, 2012.

I’ve known the people of this church and region since Hurricane Katrina, when they helped lead the region in recovery as CitiIMPACT Ministries shipped them supplies & sent thousands of volunteers into the Gulf Coast arena. (get latest news)

20 Years, that’s not a lot in the scheme of the world, but certainly it’s a lot of years in the life of that community. US Congressman Jeff Landry, Parrish President Michel Claudet , local pastor leaders,  ICFG President Glenn Burris, Jr., and myself  shared the accomplishments of VCC at the celebration. 3 Elements of “Voices” Heard stand out in the community that we can apply well to our own “Voice”. You might call them basic tenants of a platform that leads others well with a strong “Voice”.

1. Faith Vision Christian Center, and perhaps your own vehicle of influence that carries your “Voice”, was birthed in the faith of leaders who developed a team around that faith in a  vision for the community of a preferred future. Pastors Kim & Vanessa certainly have their own personal faith in the Jesus Christ, and their lives’ activities have shown their faith by their works. Likewise, the Church they lead is known throughout the region as a center of Faith. Faith in Jesus Christ, in what we are led to be & do, is a paramount platform component of our revealed Voice.

2. Family Those attending VCC today are a mixture of those who began the church as a team, their kids, their friends, their grand-kids…Family! It’s a family community of those with a common vision based on faith. The family atmosphere extends beyond the borders of the building throughout the region and world. Their partnership with CitiIMPACT Ministries, myself & others allows them to reach the world with their “Voice” through family. No one who goes to the church ever leaves there without feeling a welcome by the family “Voice”.

3. Friends Jesus is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. “No greater love has no man than to lay down his life for a friend.”, Jesus. Representing that love of Friendship is part and parcel of long-term collaboration building influences. Perhaps our own visionary “Voice” will resound much quicker through our Making a Friend & Being a Friend than any other way. At least it’s a significant part! Certainly the contagious aspects of Friends is running throughout VCC.

Faith, Family, and Friends are great ways to ensure the “Voice” we have is not only inspired and heard, but even more, heralded.

Those in attendance that weekend in Bourg, Louisiana were so overwhelmingly appreciative to all of you as you partner with us in the restoration of the Gulf Coast over these last 7 years. Thank all of you directly from each of those speakers personally, the community of Bourg and all of Louisiana.

What are some ways that Faith, Family and Friends has been vital in your “Voice” being heard?

What are some ways they can be enhanced in the heralding of the “Voice” you’ve been given?

Blessings, JD Smith