3 Places of Strength for Living

 Climbing those mountains and obstacles in life can be overwhelming. It’s especially overwhelming when we attempt that in our own strength.

Psalm 68:28  “Summon your power, God[j];
show us your strength, our God, as you have done before.”

King David of old found the key secret. The strength of God is the solution! 

1-On the way up, the Lord is our strength. Difficult climbs require the fortitude and character that the strength of God can pour into our lives. Climb without fear!

2-Going down requires different muscles in hill climbing doesn’t it? So the hills of life, those obstacles overcome, next coming down is the challenge. It may not appear so, but surely our experiences show it to be. Often this is where our “heart”, passion or faith, become weak or weary. Go down boldly with focus on He who helped you climb!

3-OK, here is my own difficulty: Sitting Still. WOW. How hard is that? A mother or father watching a sick child may often wonder what to do, wringing their hands and hearts with anxious moments. How many times have we all said, “If I only could do something!” Even in the stillness our sufficiency is of God. None else nor anyone else satisfies.

Sandy Turner, a CitiIMPACT Missions Advisor in Florida wrote last night, as she prepares to serve others, “There’s a certain helplessness ones feels in the midst of the storm.  I sit with my family, safe for now.  Our home is JUST high enough. Just far enough away from the rivers. So, we are safe. As of this writing, Black Creek, in rural Middleburg (near Jacksonville) is quickly flooding.  It is already above the “100 Year” flood stage.  I have family there…”  (Watch for more from Sandy & others soon on the Florida situations.)

Allow the joy of the Lord to be your strength today! The cloud of witnesses who have gone before us are cheering us on as the King of Glory, the Lord High and Mighty, strengthens all of us to climb the mountains, get down the other sides, and sit still when we must!

What are some times you’ve climbed, descended or sat still that the Lord showed His might strength to you?