Hot Hot! Ways to Beat the HEAT!

What an incredible HEAT filled time it is around many parts of the USA.!

This past week a water main broke in our area leaving our family and thousands of others without running water for the better part of 12 hours. All restaurants and businesses were closed down. The amount of “agony” heard throughout the community was very telling about my family and thousands of others need for water to Beat the Heat! This episode certainly led to a renewal of appreciation for the blessings of WATER!

Whether it’s the scorching heat of the summer weather.


The new reigning Miami Heat NBA Champs who didn’t get beat this week…

HEAT is on a lot of folks minds and in their talk. You and most of the people who read this can go out and splash in pools, take showers and play in the water.

In many parts of the world, the heat has little or no relief solutions as water is not available to provide any cooling effects. Rather, water is often not available to even prepare food or keep children alive.

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You can help those folks in tremendous suffering from real HEAT and water deprivation with your continuing support of missions and ministries who supply solutions to those and other related life-threatening situation, like CitiIMPACT Ministries through their Child Sponsorship and other missions.

What are some ways you beat the heat during this summer? What are some ways we can help at-risk kids BEAT The HEAT and have fresh water supplies together? Respond below and visit here to get more information.