A New Adventure Every Day

How can we at CitiIMPACT help YOU serve? Here is one example:

Operation New Adventure is helping many children:
“It all started as a simple idea. To get books into the hands of children whose families have been struck by tragedy. After just a few weeks of contacting local and national representatives, organizations and emergency personnel, we found CitiIMPACT Ministries and they were thrilled with the idea! 
As it would go, the day after we exchanged emails, tornadoes ravaged parts of the Midwest and Southern United States. Instead of receiving a phone call to come up with a plan for our idea, we received an email saying they could use books in Joplin, Henryville, and West Liberty within the week! Yikes!”

These great books, by the thousands, are being shipped now!

There are so many ways for you to help others in their times of distress.

You CAN be very effective in making a lasting positive IMPACT in the lives of hurting people in the USA & beyond.
Contact us today with your idea for helping others!